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Bunny Invasion: Easter SpecialBunny Invasion: Easter Special

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Bunny Invasion: Easter Special


8 years ago on March 21, 2010


It’s a bunny blasting frenzy as Bunny Invasion returns for an Easter Special. Mr Frost and his assistant Jim, the pub landlord from Bunny Invasion 2, have stopped off at a motel during their search for the source of the marauding bunnies. Jim is getting a little too friendly with the landlady when suddenly the rabbits launch a sneak attack. But with the Bunny Queen dead, who is leading them …


The game features 11 new bunny types, 3 new bosses, 16 new weapons, 27 new unlockable extras, a new location, a new story including 10 cut-scenes and a whole new 60 waves of bunny violence.