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8 years ago on March 21, 2010


Fight through hordes of multi-colored blobs, earn Awards for your accomplishments, and unlock tools and abilities to help you survive.


Patch 2.3 – Really just bug fixes, nothing major to report.
A note on a few problems people seem to be having:
Badges – if you have a badge that hasn’t been awarded to you, try pausing/unpausing, or exiting entering the options menu and then backing out. This will cause the game to save and report Kongregate data. If your chat-light stays red, you may need to reload the game, and make sure your internet connection is sound. Also, make sure you let the Kongregate Chat client fully load before you press play, otherwise you could cause the game to attempt to connect before Kongregate is ready for it.
Framerate – If the game is suffering a lot of slowdown, you can try lowering the quality or the spawn limit in the options menu. The latter will only help keep the game from slowing due to too many enemies showing up (Yes, it works now. I promise).
Save Data – Your save file is keyed to both the location of the game (in this case, Kongregate) and the computer on which you are playing. If you play the game on a different site, or play the game on a different computer, your save will not carry over.
Also, bug reports to me concerning issues such as abusive users, score hacking, failure to load the client, etc etc will be ignored as there’s really nothing I can do about that. Sorry!