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Epic War 3Epic War 3

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Epic War 3


8 years ago on March 21, 2010


The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!


EW3 Iphone released!!! Look at the preload to see it at itunes
-Retreat button to make all unit sentback , charge button to make all unit go forward enemy castle *
-Select *all unit by pressing “zero” button
-There is horn warning if revenge wave is initiated
-CastleName bug fixed
-Yetti Achivement bug fixed
-Add Hero Hp at top thumbnail
-Hero can now respawn but you will be reward if your hero not die in battle
-CounterWave is appear when your hero at level3, so in first level people dont complain how hard the game is